Book Review: Trillium by ML Holton

Trillium follows the stories of several families from different backgrounds as their lives intersect across generations in the Niagara region.

This is a very well-done book. Holton has crafted a beautifully written and incredibly detailed novel.

I loved how character driven the novel was. The focus was less on the plot and more on the lives and personalities of the individual characters. I really enjoyed this and felt that it helped me connect to the characters more and made the overlapping storylines fascinating to read.

I really liked how the novel was set in Canada across several different cities and regions. Holton vividly describes the scenery so that you can clearly imagine it and I enjoyed this.

I also am amazed that Holton has managed to intersect the storylines of so many varied characters and plot points. It is a really detailed novel with several extensive plots going on at once, so I have to give credit to Holton for writing it so well.

I would recommend this book to anyone interested in character focused historical fiction spanning generations.

Trillium by ML Holton is available now.

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